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About Us

Canary Studios offers a dynamic studio environment for vocal lessons and recordings. Founding vocal coach Anne Maree Higgins specializes in the IVA vocal technique and weaves through skills in artist development and performance to make every lesson count for the singer or musician.

Using vocal technique is simply knowing what tools to use where.  It is paramount for increasing your range, strength and stamina while improving your vocal dynamics, colour and tone to reveal what is truly unique about your voice.

AM’s Bio:

Anne Maree has been studying voice since 1992. Her earliest years were spent performing in school concerts and musicals and at the age of 19, discovered a life changing U. S. technique known as Speech Level Singing. Her then teacher Leigh McRae led her on to a singing career where she began recording and performing at Star City and various venues around Sydney for 10 years. Her performance experience includes jazz, musical theatre, rock, pop and Christian contemporary.

Songwriting also became a passion and her work in contemporary pop was picked up by indie label Underfoot Records.  Anne Maree was also published by Willow Publishing. After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Theology (hons) whilst working in youth and education for 12 years, she gained her Speech Level Singing certification and spent another 6 years in vocal study. She is now a certified instructor with IVA Level 3, the latest vocal technique to impact the music industry, building on her SLS background. Anne Maree has worked with Garry Frost (1927), Steve Clisby, Leigh McRae, Wendy Parr, Sancha Prowse, Dean Kaelin, Spencer Welch, Guy Babusek, John Henny and Greg Enriquez to name a few.

Her students have been finalists on vocal shows such as Australia’s Got Talent and many are working musicians on TV and the musical theatre circuit. She is a mother of three young children and supports her husband who recently re-trained as a medical Doctor.

Anne Maree has taught vocals at Big Music since its inception. Anne Maree was a master coach at Big Music for almost 5 years. She now works with many musicians and singers in the local community and the music industry.

“One the of the best things about teaching is seeing the person’s face when they get their dream note or achieve the song they never thought they could sing.” Anne Maree Higgins